Retailer Profile: Leffers

Founded in 1928 in Oldenburg, Leffers is now the largest fashion store in the city, at over 13,000 square meters. It all started via the creativity and vision of the local merchant, Wilhelm Leffers. The are now 28 textile and retail stores under the name Leffers. A lot of the company’s success has been linked to Jacob Mann, who took over in 1934 and ran the company for over 50 years. His intrinsic knowledge of the industry and innate sense for new trends and consumer demands saw the company progress phenomenally during this period.

Leffers has always been a dynamic fashion retailer, modelling their outlets and store concepts on the rapidly changing fahion industry and environment, which has helped it grow into a real institution in fashion. Today, Leffers consists of around 650 employees and maintains a strong hold as a retailer in the fashion industry.

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