5 Tips to Stay Organized During Buying Season

How are you organizing your buying season so far? To coincide with the start of the new buying season, we have put together 5 practical tips to help you plan and approach the upcoming order phase with Fashion Cloud.

1. Be prepared for your order appointments

Many retailers are using the “fresh start” after the lockdowns to rethink their assortment. Especially in times like these, it’s important to impress customers and entice them into the store with new ideas and new offers. To find (new) brands that fit the store concept and the assortment, it’s important to understand the idea behind each collection. How? By visiting the Digital Fashion Week – Europe. More than 150 brands present their new collection on the event platform – with short videos, lookbooks as well as short fact sheets about delivery conditions, etc. With this overview, you are perfectly prepared for order appointments in showrooms or at trade fairs. And don’t forget to learn more about the trends of SS’22 in the many trend talks that took place at the event. Simply watch them on-demand or visit the brand booths. >>> Visit the Digital Fashion Week

2. In the showroom: Don’t lose track of your orders

We all know the life of a buyer during the order phase: one appointment follows the next. It’s easy to lose track of what’s already been bought and what exactly Brand X’s shirt looked like. To avoid the chaos of smartphone pictures and Excel spreadsheets, we developed OrderWriter: With the ioS app, buyers can easily enter their order (and export it to their brands) – manually or by selecting items in a brand’s product catalog. This way, buyers get not only a financial but also a “visual” overview of all ordered items and analyze orders on many different levels, e.g. all red dresses ordered for the next season. The best part? – The app works online and offline and can be connected to the retailer’s ERP system, allowing buyers to work with their own master data, such as color or product categories. >>> Learn more about OrderWriter

3. Buy digital: Can’t travel or want to order later? Here is your solution

Changing order rhythms, different drops during seasons, and travel restrictions – digital buying has taken off in recent months for many reasons. At Fashion Cloud, we have seen an increase in users on our pre-order area. Through the cross-supplier B2B store, retailers can easily search for different brands or items by attributes, such as item groups and discounts. In our case, either the brand itself or the buyer can then place an order with just a few clicks. The digital pre-order area launched last year and brands like Lerros and Mustang are already participating there. Pro-tip for digital buying: we often see retailers and brands placing their orders on our platform while having a video conversation about the collections. >>> More about the order area

4. Re-order – the easy way

More and more retailers are increasing the share of re-orders compared to pre-orders. But re-orders can be tedious: calling different brands, logging into different B2B stores and keeping track of what you’ve already bought. That’s why a cross-supplier platform for re-ordering can simplify the day-to-day work. Similar to pre-orders, Fashion Cloud allows buyers to search for items, check discounts and place orders with just one login and a few clicks. More than 100 brands already are part of this service on Fashion Cloud and make their inventory available for re-order via our platform. >>> Learn more about reorder

5. Intelligent inventory management – the next step

Intelligent inventory management is one of the biggest challenges for any retailer: not ordering too much, but at the same time trying to prevent out-of-stock situations. Our solution: auto-replenishment and direct re-orders when an item is out of stock on the shop floor (endless aisle). The idea is simple: E.g. NOS articles are defined, which are to be ordered automatically if an article crosses a lower limit. Another option: an order recommendation is made, but not triggered. At the moment we are in a test phase for the Dutch market which will soon be extended to other countries. And what happens in case of emergency? – If an item is not in stock and missing during a sales conversation on the shop floor? Apps like our Clara app can help. With the app, the sales assistant is able to quickly check the delivery availability of the item in question directly in the brand’s stock and re-order it by express. With both services you will never be out-of-stock. >>> Learn more about Clara

Are you interested in making your buying processes even smarter and digital? Contact us directly so that we can find out together which options are best for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!