About the hosts

By working together we are combining our strengths to create a unique experience for the fashion industry – online and offline.

About CIFF:

Welcome to CIFF – the largest and longest-running fashion fair in Northern Europe. Over the past decade, CIFF has become a major bi-annual destination for the international fashion industry. Along the way, it has evolved the trade show concept and earned the reputation for being one of Europe’s most inspirational, dynamic and innovative sales platforms. CIFF has grown from regional trade fair to international fashion hub and showcase for the industry’s directional and forward-thinking brands. Results achieved through a unique blend of curation, creative collaborations and an unfailing effort to spot and nurture emerging design talent.

About Fashion Cloud:

Fashion Cloud is Europe’s leading B2B platform that connects over 15,000 retailers (35,000 POS) with 500 brands. As an all-in-one solution, Fashion Cloud offers a convenient way to exchange marketing materials and product data as well as order digitally via a central platform. More than 70 employees work on the success of the company at its two locations in Hamburg and Amsterdam.

About Modefabriek:

For 25 years and counting, Modefabriek is the leading Benelux fashion trade event. This means that we are in touch with more than 40,000 fashion professionals, who we reach daily with our omnichannel approach. The event offers an exciting blend of stands with collections, expos, stores, talks, trend forecasts and more. Modefabriek.nl is home to an enormous range of relevant content: the latest fashion news, brand info, jobs, and everything else that keeps our fashion hearts beating. The online platform complements the physical event, which Modefabriek organises 11-12 July 2021 in RAI Amsterdam this year.


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