If one disregards concession areas and various other cooperation models, the risk of actually selling articles lies largely on the retailer side. However, a change in the industry can be observed in recent years: Retailers want to take less risks and only buy articles they really need instead of placing the entire order many months in advance. Therefore, in-season management and digital reorder are on the rise.


As a result, we have seen a trend towards reorders and a dwindling share of pre-orders in recent years. Some (brands) are skeptical of this turn of events, because this way suppliers also bear a greater “risk”. But not with targeted in-season management: The “risk” on the supplier side can turn into an opportunity if the right items are quickly and easily reordered at the right time.

There are numerous services on how to achieve this goal:


Since the beginning of 2020, in addition to sharing marketing materials and product data, reorderring digitally has been possible via the Fashion Cloud web platform. About 100+ brands share their product catalog already. Retailers can search the offer by different attributes (e.g. “menswear”, “color red”, “shirt”…) or specific brands. With a few clicks, the order is placed.

For the buyer, participation is as easy as can be: simply log in and get started (free of charge). Exactly here there is the advantage: It can be reordered around the clock with little effort with many brands. If the reorder is made directly in consultation with the brand, the sales department itself can even trigger the order.

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The solution for even smarter reorder processes: automatic order recommendations. This means that the Sales staff analyzes stock levels of their retailers themselves and send individual reorder recommendations to the retailer. This is then reviewed by the retailer, adjusted if necessary and confirmed. In the case of NOS items, such recommendations can even be sent automatically. Participating brands have been able to increase their sales by up to 20% and make order processes even leaner for both, retailers and brands. We are currently in a test phase with this service, the launch will follow shortly.

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Despite intelligent solutions, sometimes an item is missing during a sales talk on the shop floor. The solution in such cases: Clara, the sales assistant app from Fashion Cloud. Already on the shop floor, the sales assistant can reorder the missing item in the right color or size directly from the brand during a conversation (often with access to the brands’ B2C warehouses.) The item is delivered by express and the customer can pick it up in-store. Participating retailers report additional sales of 5% realized through Clara usage.

Interested retailers can set up the app for free through the platform. (S)he just needs wifi and a mobile device (tablet/smartphone) on the shop floor and can start right away.

>>> Step by step instructions for retailers how to start using Clara.

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