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How do I upload marketing material and what do I have to consider?

Before you start to upload please consider the following:
  1. Please upload your images in the highest pixel resolution. The DPI number does not matter. FASHION CLOUD automatically scales your images into lower resolutions so retailers can choose from the following sizes:
  • Thumbnail (200px)
  • Medium (1200px)

  • Large (1800px)
  • Original

  1. If you have your photos in both CMYK and RGB color schemes, you should upload both vesions. If both versions are uploaded:
  • Only select the print box for the CMYK version
  • For the RGB version, select all checkboxes except for the print option
Content Platform FAQ Menu 11 Marketing Material
  1. To upload marketing material for a brand, go to the menu item Content. Click on the profile of the brand for which you wish to upload marketing material.
Content Plattform FAQ Menü 11 Marketing Material 1
  1. Next, click on Upload & Edit marketing material.
Conten Platform FAQ Menu 11 Marketing Material 2
  1. Here you can either edit existing marketing material or upload new marketing material. To upload new marketing material click Upload marketing file.
Content Platform FAQ Menu 11 Marketing Material 4
  1. Use the + to add new images. On the right you will find the different settings. Select the season and, if possible, the category under which the picture is to be placed. More information on how to set the categories, you’ll find here. Now set the authorized usage channels and the period of time during which the image may be retrievable. Click on Publish to save the new files.
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  1. If you’d like to change your marketing material, simply click on one of your pictures. The setting options for the selected image appear on the right. If you want to edit several images at once, simply mark several images.
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