Fashion Cloud is Europe’s leading B2B-platform within the fashion industry. It connects retailers and brands through the areas of content and order.

As a retailer you not only save time when searching for images, but also money on content that usually needs in-house production.

You can also book an automated integration for product data and images to optimize and simplify your workflow.

You can find more information about all Fashion Cloud products here.

Need more details? – We are happy to answer all your questions in order to find the right service that matches your needs.

Contact our Sales Team via email at sales@fashion.cloud or call them at +49 40 2286 24201.

As a retailer the use of the Fashion Cloud platform is primarily free. After a successful registration you automatically join the “Lite- Account”. With this account you have 5 free downloads per 30 days. With “premium brands”, which are marked as such on the platform, you can still download an unlimited amount of image-material for free.

Should you need more content than what is included in the “Lite-Account”, you can always upgrade. An upgrade is connected to a monthly fee, but since our prices vary individually and we always try to best match them to your needs, please contact our sales team directly with pricing requests.

Besides the manual download on the platform, we offer automated integrations through an interface for the most common ERP and webshop providers. This API-connection is also fee based.

If you, as a brand, are interested in working with Fashion Cloud, please also directly contact our sales team. You can reach our Sales Team via email at sales@fashion.cloud or call them at +49 40 2286 24201.


Click on “Login” in the top right menu.

Now click on “Forgot password” and enter your e-mail address.

Click on “Send” and we will send you an e-mail with a link to change your password. Look for our email in your inbox or in your spam or advertising folder.

After you have created a new password, you can log back into your account.

If this doesn’t work straight away, make sure you reload the Fashion Cloud website to refresh your browser.

It is best to check the email address you entered again and check whether you are using an alternative email address for Fashion Cloud if necessary.

This did not help? Then please contact our Customer Service and tell us which e-mail address you used to log in.

You have only recently registered for Fashion Cloud and would like to log in to your account for the first time?
Then find more information here:

“I received a welcome email, but I can’t log in”.


“I have not received a welcome email.”


Click on ”For retailers” either at the top right in the menu column or in the middle of the landing page.

Click “Register for free” and choose, if you want to sign up as a retailer (to download content) or as a brand (to upload content).

Fill in all necessary information and go to “Next”, to send out your registration. We revise your access request as fast as possible within one working day and notify you via email.

In your Welcome email, go to “Please click here to complete your sign-up” in order to set up a password for your account.

Please review your company details and select “next”. We will now send you a final email to activate your account.

Please confirm your email address, to activate it. By doing so, you will automatically be logged in to your Fashion Cloud Account.

Within 72 hours after your registration you will receive an email notification from us. If you didn’t receive this email, you could act as follows:

Please review your added email address and check the inbox for an email notification from us.

Please also check your spam folder.

You didn’t receive an email notification? – Customer Service is happy to help you with that!

Your registration is not yet completed.

In your Welcome email, go to “Please click here to complete your sign-up” in order to set up a password for your account.

Please review your company details and select “next”, to receive the account activation link via email.

Now click on “Confirm email address” in the account activation email, to activate your account. By doing so, you will automatically be logged in to your Fashion Cloud Account.

No worries – your registration was only temporarily refused, since we couldn’t identify your company based on the provided information.

Please provide us with some more information about your organisation and we will accept your sign up request subsequently.

For example, an URL-link leading to your company’s website or to an entry in the trade directory would help us to identify you better.

We refused your sign up request, since your company already uses a Fashion Cloud account.

Get invited to the already existing Fashion Cloud account by a Fashion Cloud admin from your team.

You can find more about the team-invitation here:

“How do I invite a team member into the already existing Fashion Cloud account?”

You are not sure who is responsible for the management of your Fashion Cloud account?

We are happy to help and to tell you which team member is a Fashion Cloud admin. Just contact customer service.


Your brand is already represented on our platform?

Then please ask a colleague who has admin rights to invite you. We will be happy to help you find the right colleague.

Are you completely new to Fashion Cloud and would like to work with us?

Please contact our sales team directly. You can reach our sales team at sales@fashion.cloud or by phone via +49 40 2286 24201.

Have the Fashion Cloud Admin in your team invite you to the existing Fashion Cloud account.

You don’t know who manages the Fashion Cloud account in your company?

We will be happy to help you and tell you which team member is a Fashion Cloud Admin.


We rely 100% on the infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). We exclusively use the data centre in Frankfurt. Your data is and remains within Germany. You can download the AWS security concept here.

Data protection has a particularly high priority for us!

Here you can find our current privacy policy.

Here you can download the current privacy policy in PDF format.

Here you can find our general terms and conditions for retailers.


With the Fashion Cloud Newsletter, we keep you up to date with our Weekly News. We introduce you to existing and new brands on the platform and inform you which brands are currently sharing new marketing material and/or new product data. We also inform you about product updates and new or optimised functions on the platform.

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