HANRO is premium brand at Fashion Cloud and provides you with marketing material and product data free of charge via the content platform.

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Use one platform for marketing material, product data and logos.

How does the content platform work?

  • HANRO and many other brands upload marketing material, product data and logos to the platform.

  • As a retailer, you can search for your desired images on the platform and download them with just a few clicks.

  • The images can be used for various marketing actions . Fashion Cloud will remind you of the expiration dates of the material via email.

Frequently asked questions regarding the content platform

How do I look for content?

You can search for marketing images using Season, as well as Tags and other features. Product images can even be searched via EAN and article number.

What kind of content do I find?

The content consists of marketing material, such as images and logos and product information such as product images and product descriptions.

How do I download content?

The images and any other content can be downloaded individually or collectively via the shopping cart. This even works in different resolutions!

You want to know more about the functions? Visit our FAQ.

You want to integrate the images automatically into your ERP system or your webshop? Contact us.

How do I register with Fashion Cloud?


Introducing Fashion Cloud

On the Fashion Cloud web-platform, brands are able to share product data and marketing material via the content area with their retailers. In the order area, retailers pre- and reorder from all of their brands with one click. In addition to the web platform, Fashion Cloud also offers retailers the opportunity to use the Clara App to reorder missing items directly at the POS, thus expanding the product range in the retail shop, including the stock of participating brands. OrderWriter, the buyer App by Fashion Cloud offers buyers a complete overview of products, orders and budgets right there, at the showroom.

Through a variety of integration options, such as product attributes in their own web shop or delivery availability in third-party solutions for digital aisle extensions, Fashion Cloud also offers the option of using the data and solutions in their own IT systems.

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Have more questions about the marketing material of HANRO? The Account Management Team like to help you!


With the free account you have unlimited downloads of the premium brand content, like HANRO. For all further brands you have a limit of a total of 5 downloads per month. If you want to download more, then please contact Fashion Cloud.

Rene Person in charge Content Plattform

Mail: retailsupport@fashion.cloud
Phone: 040 228 624 203

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