Retailer Modehaus Johann shows online presence with digital strategy

Retailer Modehaus Johann shows how a local retailer can use FASHION CLOUD to stand up to the growing competition from online retailers. With a new digital strategy and its own website, the Modehaus Johann is optimizing its online visibility.

Competitive at the pulse of time

The secret to the long existence of a fashion retailer is its ability to keep up with the times. Like many other local brick-and-mortar retailers, Modehaus Johann is increasingly confronted with the upcoming online retail and new requirements by the customers. In order to keep up with growing demands, the retailer decided on a modern, digital strategy and the development of its own website. The aim was to achieve a strong online visibility and thus win new customers and reach existing customers on a further channel.

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FASHION CLOUD content supports online visibilty

One of the biggest challenges in creating an appealing website is the lack of visual material to bring the website to life. To provide customers as much information as possible, as well as create beautiful brand profile for each of their brands, Modehaus Johann used marketing material from FASHION CLOUD as well as detailed brand descriptions to build detailed and beautiful brand pages on their website. Customers are able to see the latest marketing material from each brand’s most recent collection, as well as the description of the brand, its collections, and its style.

Online visibility with your own website

With the development of the new website, Modehaus Johann offers its customers a completely new online experience. This new channel will enable better customer communication about the brands, collections, and styles. The website provides customers with an overview of the range currently available in the store before they even enter. The content of FASHION CLOUD can be downloaded in high quality and compatible formats so that it can be easily integrated into the website. With its own website and its up-to-date visual material, the retailer optimizes its online presence and keeps up with the newest trends.

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