Manage your orders with order history

With Fashion Cloud buying becomes easy, efficient and 24/7 – keep track of your orders via your order history.

What you need to know about ‘order history’

  • After you’ve placed an order, you can view your past orders under “Orders” in the menu bar on the left, via “Order history”.

  • Here you can keep track of all of your orders, duplicate them (e.g. for multiple stores) or look up order details.

  • In the overview, you will find the respective order numbers, as well as the related order date and item quantity. NOTE: You will only be able to view the orders that you have placed, not the ones that were placed by others e.g. your colleagues.

View order details

  • By clicking on “Details” to the right of an order in the order history, you’ll be taken to the detailed view of your already placed order.

  • On the detail page, you will find more information in an overview of your ordered articles. Here you can see the specific articles, colours and sizes.

Duplicate and re-place orders

  • If you want to place an identical order for another store, you’re able to do so on the detail page by clicking the button “Add to shopping cart” in the upper right corner.

  • By clicking on this button, the same items will be added to your shopping cart. Afterwards you only have to select a (different) store and place the order again.

  • Your newly placed order is now displayed again in the order history.

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