Our tips for the perfect video appearance: It’s so easy to put your collections in scene

The use of video content is becoming more and more important in today’s communication – whether in short instagram sequences or collection presentations. During Digital Fashion Week in July, more than 100 brands presented their collections via video. In January 2021, we will be hosting the Digital Fashion Week – Winter Edition. Together with our video experts from Staff Solutions and Now Communication, we took this oppurtunity to summarize our top tips for video presentations of articles.

1. What do you want to present?

There are many ways to showcase collections in an interesting way. For example you can create a mood video in which a fashion model presents different styles Your video becomes even more personal when a person stands in front of the camera and presents the articles.

Here is an example from german retailer Lengermann & Trieschmann:

2. Vary your settings

Think about what exactly you want to show in your video before shooting. Maybe writing a storyboard will also help. Try out different video settings to get a variety of shots: Don’t just film from the long shot but also make close-ups. Stroke your hand over the fabric, for example, to make the haptics clear to the viewer.

Before shooting, also make sure you know on which channels you want to publish your content. Especially in the area of social media videos, we recommend to always check the current format requirements for videos and adjust your content accordingly. Be open to testing new formats such as Instagram Reels or TikTok and use your creativity! With good planning and the necessary preparations, nothing can go wrong during shooting!

Here is an Instagram Reel by German retailer CJ Schmidt:

3. In front of the camera

If you are in front of the camera, make sure you look natural and authentic and try to speak as freely as possible. It is often difficult to speak directly into the camera. Maybe it helps to imagine that you are not talking into a camera but with a good friend. Some people even stick eyes or smileys next to the lens.

Be aware of your outfit and how your outfit stands out from or matches the background. For example, if you have a colourful background, we advise you to wear a quieter outfit. Bright colours, flashing or blinking materials and small patterns often lead to difficulties in the camera settings.

4. The article in front of the camera

Whether models, hangers or busts – there are many ways to present your collection. Models or busts are especially suitable for showing the whole collection. If you want to draw attention to individual highlight pieces, you can highlight the goods selectively on a hanger.

Handle the goods carefully to show the value of the item and illustrate the characteristics of the item with your gestures. For example, a soft fabric can be illustrated by “stroking over the article”. A light material can be conveyed to the viewer by slightly moving it up and down.

5. Camera, Smartphone and Lighting

With modern smartphones you can make great video recordings. You can increase your video quality with some tools: A gimbal, for example, automatically stabilises your smartphone. This makes it easy for you to take dynamic, steady videos! A gimbal for smartphones is available from about 100€, gimbals for cameras are a bit more expensive Regardless of your camera, you should always make sure to have sufficient lighting. For indoor shots it makes sense to use external light sources such as LED permanent lights with softboxes to ensure even illumination of the location.

6. It's all about the sound

It’s all about the sound! If you or someone else wants to speak in the video, make sure to use a suitable microphone. The sound recorded by smartphones and cameras is often unclear and therefore appears unprofessional. The good news is, that even on a small budget you can improve your sound quality considerably. There are good lapel and shotgun microphones for both smartphones and cameras for less than 100 euros.

While a smartphone microphone picks up the sound from the whole room, a shotgun microphone amplifies the sound from the direction in which it is directed. This results in a much better sound with less reverb and less noise. A lapel microphone is very suitable for when you want to move freely around the room. However, for this you will need an external recorder (e.g. a smartphone with a voice recording app). The lapel microphone ensures a very clear speaker sound free from noise.

You can also insert music into your video to make it even more dynamic. Make sure to only use royalty-free music to avoid copyright infringement. In Instagram Stories and Reels, you can also use provided music without worrying about music rights.

Here you can see an example from German retailer Hagemeyer:

7. Use Fashion Cloud

If you as a retailer don’t want to spend so much time creating video content, you can have a look at the content area of the Fashion Cloud web platform. Many brands already offer professionally created video content that you can use for your (social media) communication.

We recommend that brands upload marketing material such as videos in the content area and share them with retailers. This way, a CI-compliant presentation of the brand and collection is ensured across all retailers.

If you have any questions, please contact our team or our partners Staff Solutions and Now Communication.

We hope you enjoy producing your videos!

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