PIM-Consult & FASHION CLOUD are partners


In an effort to continue improving the retail industry and the processes and methods used by retailers in all industries, FASHION CLOUD has partnered with PIM-Consult, a consultancy helping retail companies with their product and data management.

The fashion industry is going digital, and FASHION CLOUD is the digital link between brands and retailers. FASHION CLOUD allows brands to distribute their digital content to all their retailers through one centralized platform, including marketing material, product data, and product images. Retailers can either access all this content via the online platform or via direct API access into their pre-existing ERP or POS systems. Retailers in the fashion industry can greatly benefit in terms of saved marketing resources by having all their brand partners on a centralized platform.

Furthermore, FASHION CLOUD now offers two-way stock data integration between brands and their retailers. Participating brands are able to see the stock levels of their retailers and vice versa. This allows for greater control of stock levels, and the ability of direct reorders from the point of sale, otherwise known as ‘Endless Aisle’.

The new partnership between PIM and FASHION CLOUD aims to further improve the back-end processes for fashion brands. Whereas FASHION CLOUD focusses on the distribution of product information, PIM consults on the management of this product information. The major benefit for FASHION CLOUD from this partnership is that the quality of data received from brands will be of a much higher standard if a good PIM system is used. In partnering with PIM-Consult, FASHION CLOUD hopes to see the overall quality of data and content improve in the industry, and that we will continue to distribute the higher quality content to our customers.

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