Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

New countries, new products, new ideas – we are looking back on a successful and exciting year of 2019. Time to celebrate our accomplishments and set new goals.

A new look for the content area

2019 >>> The heart of our platform, the web-platform and its content area, have received a complete makeover for retailers in 2019. The new and modern design makes it easier for retailers to navigate between different areas and search for the right content. Additionally, many brands joined Fashion Cloud and became premium members, e.g. the entire Bestseller group.

2020 >>> At the beginning of the year, we will devote our work to the new design for brands, so that the order area (see below) will also be visible. Together with GS1 we are also working on a new data standard to simplify the cooperation between brands and retailers.

new premium brands
new design for retailers

Our newest addition: Buying with Fashion Cloud

2019 >>> In October 2019 we started our BETA phase for the new order area. Thanks to this new area on our web platform, retailers are able to place cross-supplier orders for selected brands (e.g. Fynch-Hatton, Dstrezzed, Toni, Alberto).

2020 >>> In addition to new features, such as order recommendations by brands, more brands such as Mey, Betty Barclay, Olymp, Mustang and Lerros will follow in the coming months. The new area will be officially introduced at the Fashion Week Berlin in January 2020. Meet us at the fair.







10+ MM


more than 1.000 POS
faster search and better scanners

Clara supports sales assitants at more than 1.000 POS

2019 >>> In addition to a better performance, many retailers and brands became part of the Clara movement. Currently, the app is used for direct reorders at more than 1,000 POS. Also on brand side the app grew a lot: More than 100 brands share their up-to-date delivery availibilities.

2020 >>> As many retailers asked for it, we began testing dropshipping. This new service will keep us busy in the coming year. We are also continuing our efforts to ensure fast performance and great usability of our app.

OrderWriter becomes international

2019 >>>> While OrderWriter has become an indispensable part of the everyday life of many Dutch buyers (>50% of Dutch retailers use OrderWriter), the buyer app has also found prominent German fans with Hagemeyer and Zinser. The first interfaces to German ERP systems such as Prohandel and Hiltes have been implemented so that retailers can work with their master data (colour, article group etc.) in the app. Brands such as Betty Barclay, Joop, Windsor and Fynch-Hatton have shared their product catalog on OrderWriter since 2019.

2020 >>> At the beginning of the year the next connection to an ERP system, namely ROQQIO, goes live, followed by other IT systems in the course of the year.

new ERP systems
new retailers e.g. in Germany

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