How to start buying with Fashion Cloud

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Registering, setting up and placing orders on the order area

The use of the platform is completely free of charge for you as a retailer. Simply sign up, register your stores and request access for your brands.
Once the brands have confirmed your access, you can start to place orders.

You’ve already set up the order area? Click here.

That’s what you need to get started:

  • Login data to our platform

  • Computer / Laptop and WIFI

  • GLN (if possible)

Registration on the platform

The order area needs to be set up once on the Fashion Cloud platform. If necessary, you will be able to change your information after your registration.

  • 1. Create stores: At the menu item “Stores you register and manage your stores. Enter the delivery address of the respective store, as well as its GLN.

    The email to be specified refers to order summaries for the Clara App. All users who order via the web platform will receive an order confirmation immediately after placing the order.

    Note: Only after you have created a store, you can request access from brands.

  • 2. Request access: After registering on the platform, you will find the menu item “Brand access” on the left. Click on “Access” next to the brand name on the right and tick “Preorder” and/or “Reorder”. Then go to “Request Access” to send your request.

    Please note: You can only place orders, once the brand has confirmed your access request.

  • 3. Create users: After you’ve created your store, register and manage your team members in the settings. To do so, enter the e-mail address of your buyers in “Team” and grant them user rights. If necessary, you can still change the user roles later on.

How to order with Fashion Cloud

  • 4. To place an order, select the type of order in the menu and click on “Preorder” or “Reorder”. You will see all brands on the left that have given you access to their stock.

    For the Preorder you must first select a brand. By clicking on the brand name on the left, you can browse through the brand’s assortment. You can use the filter and search function here, but stay within one brand assortment. To change the brand, simply select a new one.

    Using the Reorder function you have the possibility to order items from different brands at the same time. You have three options to find your items:

    • Select your desired brand in the brand overview and display all articles of this brand.
    • Type in EAN, article number or article name in the search bar.
    • Select a product category on the left and use the filter options on the product overview page to search for specific attributes. – You will see results from all brands.
  • 5. To place an order, view product details by clicking on the item and getting to the detailed view. Specify the colour and sizes in the matrix.

    By clicking in the respective boxes of the size matrix you can enter your desired number of items per size. For Reorder, the number of pieces still available per size will be displayed here in gray. Then go to “Add to cart” and place the item in the cart.

  • 6. To complete your order, click on the order sheet (Preorder) or the shopping cart (Reorder) in the upper right corner. Here you can edit the amounts of all your articles again or delete them. By clicking on the picture, you will return to the detailed view and are able to edit your article here as well.

    You also have the option to assign an order number to your order (optional). Then, simply select a previously created store and click on “Order Now”.

    Using the Preorder function, you now have the option to save your order to be able to view it again later.

    With the Reorder you can keep track of your already placed orders in the order history.

Order has never been so easy! Sign up now on our platform and get started right away.