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With ‘Talking Sustainability’, we have developed a new format for which we regularly invite organisations from the industry and beyond to share their actions and experience in the field of sustainability. For the first interview, we were able to ask Jürgen Sabelhaus from camel active a few questions about his work as Head of CSR Management. Below you can find out more about camel active’s sustainability efforts.

Fashion Cloud: What specific sustainability initiatives are you taking at camel active?

Sabelhaus: The used materials have a major impact on the sustainability of textiles. That is why we are increasingly using organic cotton and recycled materials and are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), GRS (Global Recycling Standard) and other standards. It is important to us that these standards not only check and certify materials, but also social and environmental standards. In order to make these measures as transparent as possible for our customers, we also share our certificates and sustainability attributes with our wholesale partners via Fashion Cloud.

Fashion Cloud: Which role do manufacturing conditions play in your sustainability work?

Sabelhaus: For us, manufacturing conditions are an important factor of our corporate responsibility. For more than 50 years, we have had experience with our own production plants but also with contract manufacturing and thus have a very good insight into the processes on site. We also use the many personal and continuous checks of our teams on site to ensure fair working conditions.

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Fashion Cloud: What motivates you personally to drive sustainability at camel active?

Sabelhaus: Behind the company ‘camel active’ are people who read the news, have families, and who are painfully aware of issues like resource scarcity and climate change. We know that the problem is there and that we have a responsibility to actively work for positive change. My daughter is currently studying the 17 SDGs* at school, which I myself didn’t know about a few years ago. It’s good that young people today are taking a close look at these issues at an early age. When I then have the chance to tell my daughter ‘Yes, we are also pushing these topics very strongly at camel active,’ then that makes me very happy and a little proud.

*SDGs = Sustainable Development Goals

Jürgen Sabelhaus
Head of CSR Management
camel active

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