Recontextualized Check: Get inspired by the print of Winter 2021/2022

Trend for Winter 2021/2022: Recontextualized Checks
– or how checks are making a comeback.

by Christine Boland | 13.04.2021

When we spot a trend at Burberry, Maison Margiela, Chloé and Victoria Beckham and more, we dare to say with certainty it is making a comeback. The trend in question? Checks, but in a new context. In other words: Recontextualized checks.

Although the check has been a wardrobe classic for years, the 2021 check has received a cool upgrade. For example, we see a masculine shirt check in a feminine Victoria Beckham collar with ruffles. A checkered business pencil skirt can be combined with a romantic blouse. Elsewhere we come across checks on a peplum dress with cap sleeves.


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Deconstructed and reconstructed checked skirts – half checked and long, half plain and short – are also spotted. The overarching trend: bringing two extremes together in one design, outfit or trend. We will see the well-known check in a new, unexpected context this winter. Where does that return of the check come from? The current world, still in the grip of the COVID-19 virus, is full of uncertainty. The return of a classic – the check – reflects our urge to cherish what is familiar.

The twist we see on this pattern symbolizes rethinking what we know. The imposed pause in time has also given us room for reflection: reconsider what is of value and give it a new twist; winter 2021/2022 is all about that. From Scottish history to the punk look of Westwood and from the iconic Burberry to the authentic lumberjack blouse – all checks are welcome – as long as they are applied in a new context, composition or color scheme.


Christine Boland is a leading international trend watcher and analyst. Using Amsterdam, The Netherlands, as her home base, she has been identifying and translating trends in the consumer market for more than 25 years. She works closely with companies as a creative compass, providing insight and helping with strategic decision-making and innovation. Staying in tune with what is going on in the world today can help us see what the marketplace will look like tomorrow.

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