The Comeback of Content –

More collaboration between Brands and Retailers

End of last year, we have been focusing heavily on promoting the reorder app Clara and the order area on our platform. While they may may become more relevant in the upcoming months, the product we started with – the content area on our web platform – has experienced a new revival:

New circumstances – new measures

On our web-platform 400 brands share content with 10.000 retailers from 90 countries. Since the shutdown the amount of manual content downloads from Fashion Cloud rose by a staggering 550% compared to last year. An enormous amount of retailers is now connecting via de the content API. In fact: The past four weeks more retailers have signed up for the Content API than in the whole of 2019. We can go on.


Increase in manual downloads of content on Fashion Cloud

Those numbers are connected to one trend: The Corona crisis and the resulting store closures that motivate retailers to digitize their business and become creative in distant selling. Webshops, platforms, Instagram, Newsletters or initiatives, such as home-delivered “try them on sets”, help to – at least partially -compensate missing sales.

Recognizing the growing demand for the content we – as well as our brands – started focusing on uploading new data. Many brands, such as Betty Barclay, Marc Cain und Cinque released the right to use their content and provided e-com ready data for the first time. Numerous suppliers shared more data attributes and provided improved image quality on Fashion Cloud.

Collaboration and communication are key

Not only we but also our IT-partners, such as webshop-providers etc, see the importance of sharing content. Therefore, Fashion Cloud and its partners appeal to brands to share their content and to open up new, digital distribution channels for retailers. The need for content will not stop with lockdowns. Digital communication will stay important for the rest of the year.

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