5 Tools when Working from Home

When it comes to working from home, the right tools are just as important as the right work routine. Being a company that has teams working together across borders and has been offering our employees the option of working from home for several years, we want to share our experience. Here are our top 5 tools that help teams to work together efficiently – no matter where individual team members are working from.

1. Communication via


Ease of use, different channels for different topics and customizable notifications make Slack the ideal way to communicate within your team. Other features are: opening threads when replying to a comment (difference to WhatsApp) as well as a build-in call-function. The best thing about having one tool for all internal communication? Your email in-box is only reserved for important customer emails.

How can Slack help your team when working from home? Now more than ever sharing updates within our team is important. Not a day goes by without one sharing accomplishments, blockers or updates in our general channel for the whole team. Additionally, every team has its own channels so we can immediately discuss questions without having to schedule a meeting. Every morning we post our daily to-dos in our team channel so everyone knows what we are working on. As some of us do not have a work phone we also use Slack to call each other.

-> free trial version, starting from 6.25€ per user/month

-> free version with limited functionality: Microsoft Teams

2. Working together with

G Suite

Everyone knows situations like these: You work together with colleagues on a reporting, versions are sent back and forth and in the end, nobody knows what the final document is. With G Suite you gain access to cloud-based spreadsheets, text creation and presentation tools (similar to MS Office products). This way, you can work simultaneously within the same document and chat as well as comment on it. Cloud-based storage space as well as Hangouts, a video conferencing tool, are also part of the solution.

How can G Suite help your team when working from home? Especially Google Hangouts, the video conferencing tool, is important when working from home. To build connections, you need to see each other and look into each other’s eyes. We use it for all our meetings – within departments or for the entire company – even for lunches or for quick video calls with individual colleagues.

-> free trial version, basic membership for 4.68€ per user/month

3. Knowledge Management with


The perfect solution for wikis, notes and tasks. What does this mean? Imagine Notion being like your own Wikipedia website for topics that revolve solely around your company. Here, you and your colleagues are functioning as authors and responsible for creating and publishing new entries. The user-friendliness and the simple structure facilitate the quick creation of entries.

How can Notion help your team when working from home? Documentation, checklists and “how-tos”are important for sharing knowledge when you cannot see each other in person. They ensure smooth work processes and help to maintain certain quality standards. At Fashion Cloud, each team has its own area in Notion, where all the knowledge within the team is collected.

-> starting from 0€ with limited functionality (Freemium)

4. Secure passwords with


Without a question: Passwords must be secure and protected. However, this is a challenge for many companies: printed lists, standard passwords and not to forget about the efforts being made if a password needs to be changed. The solution: a password manager that stores passwords for the whole company. We use 1password that has different “vaults” for each team. To improve the quality of passwords it will also warn you about unsafe passwords.

How can 1password help your team when working from home? With a password manager you save time when logging in to your online tools. No need to ask colleagues, no checking of chat messages –  with one click you can find all of our passwords in one place and thanks to a browser integration, user name and password are filled in automatically.

-> free version for testing, then 3,29€ per user/month

5. Manage your projects with


Trello is a simple to use project management tool. It consists of a board and several lists within this board. Tasks are bundled in cards within each list. One can add comments, tags, to-do lists, etc. to cards and define deadlines for each task. Compared to other project management tools, implementing and understanding Trello is fairly easy.

How can Trello help your team when working from home? Working in a remote team, every team member needs to know what their colleagues are working on. Next to sharing our daily to-dos in Slack, some teams use it to visualize every task and its status. Some team members even use it to structure their daily tasks, as self-organization becomes much more important when working from home.

-> starting from 0€ with limited functionality (Freemium)

Of course, all of these tools are not only important when working from home but they can be game-changers in your daily work routine, especially when working remotely. If teams are not physically present and conversations at the coffee machine and in the corridor are no longer taking place, new ways of how to exchange information need to be found. And this is exactly what all of the 5 tools do: enabling team members to exchange information digitally.

It is equally important to know how to use these tools. Are you interested in hearing more about how to use different tools? Tell us:

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