How valuable are values?

What the crisis teaches us.

After almost six weeks of working from home, it is time to look back: So far everything has been going quite well. What surprised us the most? While things, like establishing a daily routine or finding the right tools to work from home, were helpful, the driving force in all of this was: our motivation. An essential part of it? Values, vision, mission.

Never before have our company values been mentioned that much in company-wide conversations or meetings, as they have in these past weeks. Values like #positive, #ambitious, or even #streetsmart encouraged us to find creative solutions in this new situation and motivated us to stick together as a team.

This shows: At Fashion Cloud, values are not just pretty words that are plastered all over our website but rather cornerstones of us working together. Time to take a closer look at why our values motivate us so much.

1. It starts at the very beginning.

When defining corporate values it is important to focus on your employees. Values should be created within the team and give answers to questions like “What makes my team special?”, “What characteristics of our employees do we owe our past successes to?”. To define our values, we put up posters with the names of all employees. Team colleagues then collected characteristics that they value in each person. By bringing the answers together in a meaningful way, this resulted in our five corporate values.

2. Owe your values.

Values must be communicated frequently until every employee has internalized them. There are many possibilities – from Spotify Playlists for each value to the so-called “Moments of the Month”. For the latter, we have established a recurring event at Fashion Cloud, where the team can nominate employees who excelled in terms of our values. After a company-wide vote our “Moment of the Month” is ceremonially awarded – including a trophy and applause. But there are many other ideas – just be creative, brainstorm with your team and simply take some actions.

3. Make them visible.

Values on the office wall? Only large corporations do that – we don’t need that. That was our first reaction. When you walk into our office today, you will find our values on the wall and in every meeting room in addition to a large mural that embodies our mission and vision. We have realized that it helps to be reminded of the values every day.

4. Do not forget about humor.

Every single one of our job descriptions states the following in the requirements section: “You laugh. Several times. Daily.” and we mean it. We believe that many things are easier with a smile on your face. So we like to look at our values with a little bit of humor.

5. Embracing the new.

When the company grows, it is important to pay attention to the cultural fit. Does an employee share our values? Perhaps he/she even brings some other aspects into the company that adds new dimensions to existing values. For example, in our application process, there is an extra interview in which employees from other departments are invited to check the newcomer’s cultural fit, regardless of their field of expertise. The actual start in the company cannot be ignored either. Only if the employee knows what values the company stands for can he or she take them into account.

In case you haven’t worked out any values for your company yet, now might be the best time for you to do so. Take a look at our values for some inspiration. >>> Download now.

Do you think our values match your personality? Then take a look at our open positions.