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How to register on our platform and set up Clara.

The use of the Clara App is completely free of charge for you as a retailer. Only the bilateral regulations for reordering and shipping, which you have agreed with your brands, apply. The order itself is transmitted to the brand by Clara and processed as an EDI order.

Watch the explainer video of the Clara App now!

That’s what you need to get started:

  • Working wifi connection at the shop floor

  • Tablet/smartphones for your sales staff (iOS or Android)

  • Valid GLN for the registration

Get started with Clara

The Clara App can be set up once on the Fashion Cloud platform in just a few steps. If necessary, you will be able to still change your information after your registration.

  • 1. After you have registered on our platform, you will find the menu item “Stores” on the left. Here, click on the button “Create new store” to register your store and place orders.

  • 2. Please enter the delivery address of the respective store and its GLN now. To identify a contact person who will receive an order overview at the end of the day, we need an email address from you. Optionally you can specify a different invoice and buyer GLN.

  • 3. After you have created your store, you need to click on the menu item “Brand access” to get to the brand overview. Under “Brand access” you can see all brands that are on our platform. To request access, click on “Access” and select the “Clara” box. Then go to “Request access” to send your request.

    Please note: You can only place orders once the brands have confirmed access.

  • 4. In the next step, go to “Clara users” on the left side. You can either create a specific person or an entire shop area as a user. As soon as you have created a user, simply click on “Add user”. As final step just save and Clara is set up.

Reorder with the Clara App

The trigger of an order is easy and only takes a few steps: Simply search for the desired article via barcode scan, article name or number. Enter the desired size, color and quantity and you will be directly shown whether the item is still in stock at the supplier and how long the delivery time is. For each order, you can also enter customer details (optional) and receive an order overview at the end of the day.

Forget about “out-of-stock”! Start now and register on our platform.