5 tips on how to make your buying season green and our DFW must-sees

As reported in “Fashion on Climate” published by McKinsey in August 2020, the Fashion industry’s carbon emissions sum up to 2.1 billion tons in 2018 – more than double the amount that’s permissible to reach Paris climate agreement target of 1.5 degrees. The pressure on the fashion industry is increasing and companies are being aware that it’s time to act. You are a retailer and would like to know what you can do? Check in on Digital Fashion Week from 6th – 8th of July and get insights on sustainable practices in Fashion. Besides more than 200 brands presenting their new collections a varied agenda provides input for sustainable concepts and ideas in the fashion industry.

Here is a little sneak peek for you: These four promising ideas can already be implemented in your next order round.

1. Spotlight on sustainable products

Due to an increasing demand for sustainable clothing, buying sustainable products across all categories is getting more important. When selecting sustainable articles you can check materials, labels or certificates from third parties or the manufacturers sustainable engagement. Choose mono material products and natural, recycled or innovative materials. When screening new brands ask for sustainable labels or collections as well as for sustainability targets and initiatives on company level. Promoting sustainable articles in your shop is a chance to stand out and an opportunity for storytelling.

2. Make it last - smart inventory management with timeless pieces

The pandemic has shown us how important timeless fashion is. In contrast to seasonal trends its demand is persistent, so is the production of it. NOS articles are a great tool to prevent shutterbugs and overstocks, reduce returns and waste. Also having the right level of stock is key to reduce costs but is often hard to manage. With automatic replenishment of NOS articles inventory management is efficient and easy.

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More information on sustainability at DFW

From July 6-8, the Digital Fashion Week Mainstage will feature many presentations and discussions on the topic of sustainability. Among other things, you can expect:

  • EK servicegroup reveals how you can generate more sales at the POS with sustainability (8.7.)
  • Thomas Huriez provides insights into the sharing economy (7.7.)
  • Speakers from Modelogica, Vinted, unown Fashion, Le Freddie Antwerp and Lena the fashion library discuss sustainable developments in the fashion industry (6.7.)
  • In the coffee talk you will learn more about digital pre-ordering at Fashion Cloud
  • Moderated by Sven Wiechert (CMO ClimatePartner), current experiences on the topic of climate neutrality will be discussed (6.7.)
  • Euretcofashion, Rethink Rebels, the Fair Wear Foundation and many more will share their knowledge with you
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3. Try something new: circular economy models

Are you ready to be innovative and test new business models? If so, then ideas of the sharing economy might be interesting for you. No matter if borrowing, swaping or reusing – new models of the sharing economy boost conscious consumption of fashion and are potential USPs for customers. Why not trying this for seasonal IT pieces? Those are often needed eye catchers in the shop but don’t last for long in customers’ wardrobes. They can easily be offered for rent in addition to buying or taken back after some time and offered preowned. You can already mark those ideas on article level during your order appointment. Give it a try!

4. Use digital order tools

Ever thought about doing your order digital? Now might be the time to try this. Traveling to multiple showrooms within the country and abroad has the biggest share of your order rounds’s carbon footprint depending on your choice of transportation. If you chosse a digital tool to order from your workplace you will not only save emissions but also time and money. Fashion Cloud offers digital preorder for retailers and brands, go check it out or ask your brands about it.

5. In between buying seasons: What can you do?

Not only during order phase but also before and after sustainability can be integrated into your companies processes.To get an overview where your company can improve calculating your carbon footprint is a good first step. From your climate assessment you will know which things need to be changed to improve your impact on climate change. Low hanging fruits are for example switching your energy provide, so that your shop floor is maintained with green energy or exchanging common packaging with sustainable alternatives.

Want to learn more about sustainability at Fashion Cloud and our current initiatives and projects? Then take a look here!