We are Fashion Cloud

Meet the people behind Fashion Cloud.


We make the fashion industry a better place

We digitalize the mutual processes between many different fashion brands and fashion retailers with our software. We built a platform where they exchange content and order products in one place. Our services come down in several solutions, such as web applications, mobile apps, and we ain’t done yet!

Our history timeline

Our Team

Fashion Cloud in three words:

“Freedom, Cohesion & Influence!”

(Minh-Hai, Sales)

Fashion Cloud in three words:

“Future, creative, #crewlove.”

(Almuth, Human Resources)

Fashion Cloud in three words:

“Motivated-ambitious, intelligent-witty, extremely cool!”

(Dorothee, Account Management)

Fashion Cloud in three words:

“Respect, Opportunity, Teamwork”

(José, Engineering)

Why Fashion Cloud?

“Because you’re never alone here and you’re respected by everyone.”

(Inessa, Marketing)

Why Fashion Cloud?

“Because at Fashion Cloud we have an amazing team and every day gives you the opportunity to face new challenges and grow with them.”

(Eugen, Engineering)

Our vision? A strong wholesale community in which all players work together seamlessly! Together with our brands and retailers, we are approaching this goal step by step.

Every day we work hard on our mission, which is to build the leading platform where fashion brands and retailers collaborate and trade.

Our company values ensure that the corporate culture at Fashion Cloud is characterized by care, passion and optimism and encourages people to bring their toll of street smart into the company. We always aim high – which sometimes makes our goals appear unreachable. But with the right amount of motivation and ambition, we manage to even make the impossible possible!

Fashion Cloud family on tour: Summer Camp 2021

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