The Clara App for Brands

Immediate insight into your real time stock availabilities.


Enable your local retailers to reorder specific items in real time.

Here’s How it Works

  • Transfer your stock availabilities to Fashion Cloud and grant your retailers access rights.

  • Shop assistants can reorder individual items and see the delivery date, while talking to the customer at the POS.

  • The order will be processed as a usual EDI order. In the end everyone is happy – the retailer, the customers and you!

The Clara App

The Clara App is the application for the Endless Aisle which in turn constitutes the solution for a virtual aisle extension. With Clara the Endless Aisle becomes easily accessible.

  1. Complete control over access rights of your retailers.
  2. Close support from Fashion Cloud
  3. Faster order processes for a stronger wholesale community.

You want to learn more about Clara? Write us a message.

Clara uses standard processes:

  1. The brand provides Fashion Cloud with product- and master data as well as stocks.
  2. Fashion Cloud forwards the data to the retailer.
  3. The retailer places the order by using the Clara App.
  4. Fashion Cloud transmits the order to the brand.
  5. The order is processed as usual EDI order in the brand’s system where it is further processed.
  6. The brand delivers the purchase to the retailer.

The customer can pick up the product(s) at the store.
Learn more in our Clara FAQ’s.

Participating retailers include:
Ramelow, Stackmann, Leffers, Zinser, Henschel

Participating brands include:
Discover more participating brands in our portfolio.

Endlosregal Teilnehmer

Our Pricing Models

  • Fair prices due to a volume-based tiered model.

  • In addition to a setup fee, we charge a monthly fee based on the volume of the order.

  • All delivery conditions will be clarified bilaterally between you and your retailers.

Become Part of the Endless Aisle

  • Contact us now: Subscribe to Fashion Cloud and contact one of our employees. We are happy to help.

  • Register: You can sign up for the Endless Aisle through our platform. Now you are able to grant certain retailers access to the Endless Aisle.
  • Enjoy our benefits: Shop assistants can now use the Endless Aisle and reorder products at the POS during their sales conversations.

You want to start using Clara or have further questions?

Simply send us a message and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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