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Share marketing material and product data with more than 7.000 retailers and create one central point of contact for your trading partners.

Share marketing material and product data with more than 7.000 retailers and create one central point of contact for your trading partners.





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How it works

  • Upload marketing files, product data und logos and determine attributes such as seasons and expiration date.
  • Once you have approved your retailers, they can access your content and use it for their ERP systems and marketing channels.
  • You will receive regular reports on the use of your content. Via our newsletter and our platform, you can reach your retailers regularly with content and attract new customers.

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Automatic integration of product data

Thanks to Fashion Cloud, retailers can automatically integrate your product data (product images and attributes) into their IT systems, such as web shops or ERP systems. This not only increases your turnover and enhances the online presence of your brand, but also strengthens the relationship with your retailers.

You retain full control: You decide for which channels your product data is suitable and who can use your content for which channels.

Prices for our content area

  • Basic Account – 99€ / month: You can upload unlimited data to the content platform and get full administration rights. However, your merchants will need to book a paid account with Fashion Cloud to access your content indefinitely.

  • Custom Account: You can enjoy full access rights and unlimited uploads. Your retailers don’t need to be registered as paying users to have unlimited access to your content. Registration for your retailers is free. Plus: You can expect further advantages, such as a warranty that ensures that you will be namely mentioned in our newsletter. The newsletter is sent out weekly to all of our retailers.

Here’s what our customers say about the content area.

Here’s what our customers say about the content area.

The content platform in detail

As a brand you can share the following materials:

  • MARKETING MATERIALS: On our platform you can upload a variety of content, videos, campaign pictures, lookbooks and much more. All materials are stored with additional attributes such as season, expiry date and EAN.
  • PRODUCT IMAGES: On the platform you can upload product images that retailers can download manually or integrate automatically into their IT systems.
  • PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES: In addition to attributes such as name, article number and size, we also display material composition, care instructions or a product description. In some cases, we translate the manufacturer attributes into Fashion Cloud attributes and play out standardized attributes to our retailers across brands.

Did you know? In addition to this data, you can also share stock availabilities for the Clara-App or order area of the platform. You can also share your product catalogue via the OrderWriter app.

Before retailers can access your content, you have to release them once for the use of your content. In doing so, you determine which content they are allowed to download or integrate into their IT systems.

You have the possibility to specify terms of use for your content. You can also specify which product data is permitted for use in e-commerce or how special marketing materials may be used.

We remind retailers of expiration dates once they have downloaded your content.

You can easily upload and manage marketing materials manually via the platform:

  • Upload multiple files via drag & drop on the platform.
  • Edit cross-frame settings such as season, usable channels and time period.
  • Assign special keywords to your pictures.

There are several ways to transfer the product data, e.g. via FTP server. Contact us for more information.

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