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Gain access to marketing material and product data of your brands via one central platform. Register for free on Fashion Cloud and connect with your brands.

Main Slide Automatic integration of product data in your ERP systems or your web shop. Current marketing materials, product images and attributes of your brands. No need for own content creation! Save time and money with Fashion Cloud.

Gain access to marketing material and product data of your brands via one central platform. Register for free on Fashion Cloud and connect with your brands.





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It’s that easy

  • Brands upload marketing material, product data, and logos to the web platform and define attributes (such as season and expiration date).
  • Retailers are able to access and download materials online – for all of their brands at once.

  • We remind you of expiry dates and inform you about new materials and content on our platform.

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Automatic integration of product data

A better overview on the shop floor and valuable analyses thanks to product pictures in your ERP system? Product data of your brands directly in your webshop? No problem – integrate product data automatically into your IT systems.

Our pricing models

  • Lite Account – free of charge: Our lite account allows you to test the platform for free and includes 5 complimentary downloads per month. You also get unlimited access to the content of brands with a premium membership..

  • Basic Account- 49€ / Month: The basic account is available as a special offer for retailers with a sales area of less than 2,500 m². Moreover, it enables you to up to 50 downloads per month.
  • Custom Account: The premium account is completely tailored to your needs: unlimited downloads, unlimited number of users, direct integration into your ERP system or your webshop.

Our customers

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Frequently asked questions about the content area

After a brand granted you access to their content, you are able to access the following content – depending on what the brand has uploaded:

  • MARKETINGMATERIALS: You can find videos, campaign pictures, lookbooks and much more from participating brands on the platform. In some cases, you will even find some ready-to-use banners for your newsletter and other communication channels. All materials contain additional attributes such as season, expiry date and channel. This way, you are able to search for specific content.
  • PRODUCT PICTURES: On the platform, you will find product pictures provided by brands, either to download directly from the platform or for automatic integration into your IT channels.
  • PRODUCT DATA: Besides attributes like name, article number, and size, we also display material composition, care instructions or product description. In some cases, we translate the manufacturer attributes into Fashion Cloud attributes and show standardized cross-brand attributes to our retailers.

Did you know? In addition to these data you will also find delivery availabilities in the order area of the platform and are able to order articles directly.

With the lite account you receive five downloads per month for free and gain unlimited access to brands with premium membership.

If you want to start, log in directly via the button below. The confirmation of your company by Fashion Cloud takes 1-2 days after registration. Once you are part of the platform, you can start downloading content. Please note: You first have to request access to the brand’s content.

By the way, you can also manage Clara, the free buyer app from Fashion Cloud on the web platform or order via the new order area.

We offer different solutions to simplify the exchange of data for brands and retailers. These include:

  • the order area on the web platform. Retailers not only find content of their brands online but also easily place orders for all of their suppliers.
  • Clara, the shop assistant app for direct reordering during sales conversations. With the app direct reorders no out-of-stock situation remains unsolved.
  • OrderWriter, the buyer app for keeping track of preorders. The app provides a complete overview of ordered articles as well as budget spent – in the showroom or afterward.

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