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Your Advantages with FashionExchange

What you can do with FashionExchange

Upload: Submit your product data including images in different formats (Pricat, XML, CSV etc.) via an FTP server or send us an email. We will take care of the rest.

Standardization: Your data will be standardized via FashionExchange and can thus be transferred to your retailers through the OrderWriter App. Via an ERP system connection the product data is automatically translated into the master data of each retailer. So everyone is able to work with their preferred data format!

Orders: FashionExchange can receive or send orders from your retailers and thus makes the order process more efficient and less error-prone.

Control: Assign access rights and maintain control. Determine which retailers can view your catalogue, when the data is going to be accessible and when the retailers can order from you.

Reporting: Use the Sales Dashboard to find out your retailer’s sales figures and stock availabilities for the respective sizes of an item and thus give optimal post-order recommendations.

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