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The new order area for retailers on Fashion Cloud

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+++ BETA +++ Articles of a certain brand, an article group or from a specific season? Buy from one central web platform. +++ BETA +++

It’s as simple as that

  • On our web-platform you will find next to the content area the new order area.

  • Here you can search for article groups and other characteristics such as season, target group or colour. – Either across suppliers or for a specific brand.
  • With a few clicks you can order the articles and get an overview of your order.

One platform for all of your brands

Select an article group, such as trousers, dress or lingerie and search for additional attributes, such as season or color. Filter by one or more brands. Looking for a specific item? With our search mask and the EAN, article number or name you can easily find the article you are looking for.

Buying around the clock

Buy whenever and wherever you need – 24/7. Via the order matrix you can see current delivery availabilities and order your articles with just a few clicks. You can also keep track of orders that have already been placed.

Participants of the BETA phase

+ many brands that are live or in our onboarding process

Until the end of the year, the order area is still in the BETA phase. In the course of the coming months, we will work on further expanding the platform.

Free of charge for retailers

Simply login with your existing account or register in the Lite account at no cost. With the Lite Account you also get 5 free downloads of marketing materials and product data, as well as access to the content of all premium brands.

Register in 3 simple steps

  • Register on the platform: You don’t have an account yet? Click here

  • Setting up the account: You have to first register your stores in our platform and ask for permission to access the brand’s delivery availabilities.

  • Buying: Via an order matrix you can then place your order in just a few steps.

Buying has never been so easy! Register now and get started.

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