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Make the fashion industry a better place

At Fashion Cloud, we strive to be caring – that includes people and the environment. We know that we work in an industry full of ecological and social challenges. Therefore, we want to use our potential to raise awareness and generate positive impact – inside and outside of Fashion Cloud. Sustainability is close to our hearts and we are committed to support the fashion industry in becoming a better place.

At Fashion Cloud sustainability means:

Climate Action

We love taking on new challenges and staying ahead of the curve. However, we are all facing the greatest challenge together: the growing climate crisis is endangering all aspects of society. That’s why we need to take action and actively protect the climate, both individually and collectively.

Awareness & Expertise

Spearheaded by our Green Team and supported through management, we strive to continuously expand our sustainability expertise to inspire change. Together, we want to learn from each other and raise awareness about our environment, people and sustainable business practices.

Collective Action

We love working in a vibrant community and are certain that sustainability challenges are best tackled collectively. That’s why we are members of Leaders for Climate Action and work together with ClimatePartner. We want to find innovative solutions together with the fashion wholesale community!

Fashion Cloud is climate neutral

A milestone for Fashion Cloud: Since the beginning of 2021, we have been offsetting the emissions of our business activities completely via a Gold Standard certified climate protection project. This includes all our direct and indirect emissions as well as the indirect emissions of our value chain (Scope 1, 2 & 3), which amounted to 93,000 kg of CO2 equivalents in the calculation year 2019. ClimatePartner supports us in making the entire process traceable and transparent.


“For us the first years of building Fashion Cloud were all about finding our product-market-fit. I just love that we can now finally focus on sustainability issues and implement them in our company. In the next step, we want to closely work together with our customers to establish more sustainable processes in the whole fashion industry.”

Martin Brücher, Co-Founder

Slide Since 2020 we are members of Leaders for CLimate Action (LFCA). An initiative of startups and digitally-led companies that share a commitment to climate action. In line with the principle of "leading by example", the pledge to reduce our company's carbon footprint and offset unavoidable emissions is part of our membership. In the LFCA network we support each other and encourage other companies to become active in climate protection. We are proud to be officially a climate neutral company by now and look forward to further climate action. A network for climate action Get to know LFCA Slide To give sustainability a home at Fashion Cloud, we created our GreenTeam. Formed of five volunteer colleagues from different areas, the GreenTeam sets sustainability goals for Fashion Cloud, coordinates resources and manages initiatives to achieve these goals. One key aspect is making our work practices and surroundings sustainable. For this purpose we create awareness for the topic of sustainability internally with events and initiatives such as our "out of the green bag" information series. In addition, our GreenTeam is in active exchange with external initiatives and stakeholders from the fashion industry to make the latter a better place. The Fashion Cloud GreenTeam Slide We love to take on sporty challengestogether at team events. That's why we organized a charity run in the summer of 2020, where the goal was to run as many rounds as possible in one hour. The best part? The sum of our collected donations was rounded up by Fashion Cloud, so we were able to make a difference. The proceeds went to ForTomorrow - an organization that works to offset CO2 emissions in Europe. With them we were able to compensate 99 tons of CO2 emissions, which corresponds to planting 200 trees and decommissioning 49.5 emission rights (EUA). That’s how fun and climate protection can be combined. Team event for climate protection

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Fashion Cloud is climate neutral

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Blog post: Fashion Cloud is climate neutral

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Contact person for sustainability at Fashion Cloud: Clara Walter