The reawakening of the Clara App –

Why single reorders are in high demand now

Within the last three years, we have been able to successfully establish the Clara App on the sales floor of fashion retailers. Clara allows you to reorder missing articles for your customers during a sales talk with only a few clicks. More than 1,500 POS all over Europe are already using the app. Due to Corona regulations that required retail stores to completely shut down for weeks, Clara was forced to take an involuntary break. Full stores and warehouses, articles in stock and retailers that were unable to sell led to the fact that single reorders were not in demand. But now the shops are open again – and Clara is back!

Targeted implementation at POS

Especially now, many retailers are using the Clara App. But how can that be, when all storages are packed with clothes? Looking at many retailers, you will see that seasons and collections have piled up. On the other hand, some deliveries have not even been accepted by the retailers during the time of the crisis. Even NOS goods were not delivered and therefore never found their way onto the shop floor. However, now that the shops have reopened and articles are once again being sold, more and more customers are missing the right colours or sizes. Additionally, if a retailer has an online shop the effect doubles since articles were also sold online during the lockdown. One then often faces a classic “out of stock” situation. The Clara App was developed for exactly these scenarios and is therefore increasingly used again in the fashion stores.

Clara saves time

There are several reasons why Clara is currently gaining popularity again. A further look at the shop floor shows that in many fashion stores the business is still far from being fully revitalized. Parts of the team are still on short-time work and the personnel resources in the stores are limited. So, when the stores are full of customers after all, the shop-assistants reach their limits. Therefore, time is precious and it is simply not possible to browse the B2B portals of brands or call them. Not only is there not enough time but often the contact people on the brand side are on short-time work as well and hence difficult to reach. In this case, the app becomes a time saver when trained sales-assistants are able to reorder articles for customers with Clara in less than a minute.
This is a huge advantage and a relief in daily work life!

Clara makes customers happy

Monetary benefits are one of the most important reasons why Clara is being used more frequently now. At the moment one cannot afford to let the customer leave the store without a purchase. Currently, both in-store and online discounts are increasing. So you have to make your customers happy, reorder missing articles for them and thereby make them come back to the store. This not only leads to a sale and a happy customer but also increases the chance of a higher customer frequency and additional sales.

But how do I introduce Clara quickly and easily at the POS?

Find the Clara App in the App Store or Google PlayStore and download it for free. The second step is to set-up your account by entering your store data and creating a user profile on the Fashion Cloud platform. If this hasn’t happened yet, feel free to contact us, our team is looking forward to helping you.

However, when implementing Clara you mustn’t forget about your team. Experience has shown that the people are the most important factor when it comes to successfully implementing the Clara App at the POS. The key to success is to lead your team through the implementation carefully. On this page you will find some tips on how to get started with Clara. So nothing should stand in the way of quick and easy reordering via Clara!